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ACMESA Alert: Change Healthcare Cyberattack - Update Billing Agent and

Apply for Hardship Advances

Additional Provider Flexibilities to Support Providers During Change Healthcare Disruption

NC Medicaid continues to monitor the network interruption with Change Healthcare related to cybersecurity and the resulting decision to disconnect systems while the issue is resolved.

We are focused on ensuring access to care for our beneficiaries once electronic claims submission functionality resumes.

To support providers during this transition, NCTracks will implement the following flexibilities, aligned with guidance from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS):

How to Update Billing Agent

Providers who want to change their billing agent in NCTracks to a different approved Trading Partner should use the Abbreviated Manage Change Request (MCR) to ensure quick processing.

To complete the Abbreviated MCR go to the secure Provider Portal homepage.

  • The Office Administrator, Owner/Managing Employee User, or a user with Enrollment Specialist role, should select the Status and Managementbutton. The Status and Management page will be displayed.
  • The user should select the NPI/Atypical ID in the MCR section, then select the Update button. This will direct the user to the Requested Manage Change Request Type screen.
  • From the Requested Manage Change Request Type screen, the user can select the type of abbreviated Manage Change Request they would like to complete.
  • To update the billing agent, choose Method of Claim, Electronic Transaction - Abbreviate Manage Change, then Add/Update Method of Claim and Electronic Transactions and/or Billing Agent Information.

Note: Only one of each type of abbreviated MCR can be submitted each day. In addition, if the user has submitted an abbreviated MCR, they cannot submit a full MCR on the same day.

A list of NCTracks Trading Partners can be found on the Trading Partner Information page in NCTracks.

Extension of Timely Filing Requirements

NC Tracks will waive timely files for all claims submitted on or after Feb. 21, 2024, for 60 calendar days. NC Medicaid will continue to monitor the evolving situation and will provide updated guidance if the timely filing waiver is extended further.

Providers Needing Hardship Payments

If a provider is not able to successfully submit claims to NCTracks after attempting all the flexibilities above and is at risk of not meeting financial obligations, the provider may request a hardship advance to offset business cost due to unpaid claims due to the Change Healthcare disruption.

To request a hardship advance, send an email to Medicaid.hardships@dhhs.nc.gov with the following information:

A sentence stating your request to receive a hardship advance and how the Change Healthcare disruption has impacted the providers ability to submit claims.

  • The requested dollar amount of the hardship advance
  • The NPI number of the provider who will receive the advance
  • A list of the unpaid claims for Medicaid Direct
  • Name, telephone number and email address of the provider’s contact person.

NC Medicaid will respond to the completed request by sending a Hardship Advance Agreement. Once NC Medicaid receives the executed Hardship Advance Agreement, advances will be issued in the next scheduled NCTracks checkwrite.

Hardship advance requests pertaining to Managed Care members must be sent to each Prepaid Health Plan, as appropriate.


NCTracks Call Center - 800-688-6696



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